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Video Y Letras: The Tea Party – Save Me

No tenia la menor idea que esto existiera:

Save Me

by The Tea Party

I must leave you tonight my love.
Remain so faithfully.
I must go off to war my dear,
The kings await me.
I will go so far away.
I will always love you, but you knew.

I regret to tell you,
Your man has died tonight.
He was a brave man,
He fought a brave fight.
He was killed, by the other side.
He was killed, by the other men’s knives.

She said save me.

Why must you love this man?
He is your brother.
This is easy to understand my son,
There is no other.
I cannot pretend to love this man
Like my father.
I cannot pretend,
Mother there is no other.

She said save me.

When there is no truth, let’s end this lie tonight.
This is easy to understand, without your best fight.
But I see a new sun rising in the east.
But I see a new sun rising in the east.

She said save me.
Save me.
She said Save me.
Save YOU!

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