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Download Wow MaNGOS(5435) Binaries

For all you out there that want to run your own Private World of Warcraft MaNGOS server, you can download my binares compiled to run under Linux 64bits. Ive compiled this binares under Linux Debian Lenny, and runs nicely under Ubuntu.

The server should run on other Linuxes like Redhat and Suse, yet I havent test on them. I posted 64bit cuz thats what I build for, if you need 32bits Ill see what I can do.

So here you go, get your private MaNGOS server up and running in no time, MaNGOS.(5435).64bit.ScriptDev2.(290M).+.SQL.tar.gz

This MaNGOS build is outdated, please check here

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5 Responses to “Download Wow MaNGOS(5435) Binaries”

  1. denis says:

    can you compile mangos for ubuntu 32bit

  2. El Jefe says:

    Yes I can… and I will… just gimme till tomorrow at this hour, cuz it takes a little time to compile/upload/publish.

  3. El Jefe says:

    @denis: Check the link, the new 32 bits binaries are ready to go.

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