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How to Connect to a World of Warcraft Private Server

Installing World of Warcraft instructions

Are you tired of trying to play on the over populated blizzard’s official servers?

Or youre just looking to connect to a friends private server, but don’t know how?

Follow the next simple guide to install and configure your wow client and start playing at any private warcraft server in no time!

  • Download World of Warcraft game client and install.
  • Patch to Wow version 2.0.1 complete.
  • Intall The Burning Crusade (optional).
  • Now patch to latest version supported by the private server, ex. 2.3.3(7799) Release.
  • Open your World of Warcraft installation folder. (usually c:program filesWorld of Warcraft).
  • Edit de file with notepad.
  • Erase the second line completely from the file, now on the first one add the domain name or IP address of the private server, example: set realmlist
  • Create your account on the private server account creation webpage.
  • To start the game, run wow.exe directly, not Launcher.exe or the shortcut on the desktop.

Happy questing!

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