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Quest: A Cleansing Light

Level: 70

Side: Both

Shattrath City
15800 (9g 48s at 70)


Bring a Fel Armament to Ishanah in Shattrath City.

Completing quests for the Aldor will cause your Scryers reputation to decrease.

    Fel Armament


This temple is one of the holiest places in all of Outland. The power of the Light here is so strong, that even items with the strongest fel taint can be cleansed of a worldly item.

Should you run into any fel armaments in your confrontations with demonic enemies, bring them to me and I will demonstrate the cleansing power of the Light.


Have you obtained any fel armaments yet, ?


Watch as foul materials disintegrate. Watch as metal turns to dust.

The Light cleanses all and only the purest residue remains.


(1) Holy Dust None


+350 reputation with The Aldor
-385 reputation with The Scryers

Quest Help Notes

Quest: 10420

I found them in the Deathforge from any enemy there. Great place to farm them if you are looking to gain rep with Aldor. Also drop Mark of Sageras which is used to go from Honored–>Revered. I had a total of 3 fel arms drop for me while just doing the quest line in there.
i recommend cabals anything in terokkar near the auchidoun i found one 2nd kill of cabal skirmisher or something theres alot of em too
39,60 Cabal spell weaver after almost 100 kills in the area
it dropped from a cabal spell weaver at 40.57. Loosy drop i killed and killed for many days but i steal too so it was worth it!
just dropped from a Cabal initiate… 39,55
(lvl 64 hunter)
Also gives +175 rep with the Sha’tar.
Be careful on the zoom in. She is mislabeled as being in Netherstorm.

She is in Aldor Rise at 23,29

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