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Quest: Assessing the Situation

Level: 70 (Raid)

Attain: 70


Archmage Alturus
12650 (7g 59s at 70)
Related Mobs:
Quest Chain:
  1. Arcane Disturbances
  2. Contact from Dalaran
  3. Khadgar
  4. Entry Into Karazhan
  5. The Second and Third Fragments
  6. The Master’s Touch
  7. Return to Khadgar
  8. The Violet Eye
  9. Assessing the Situation
  10. Keanna’s Log
  11. A Demonic Presence
  12. The New Directive


Find Koren inside Karazhan.


Now that we’ve found a way back into Medivh’s Tower – or rather you have – the first thing we need to do is try to get a sense of what the situation inside is.

One of our agents who had managed to infiltrate Karazhan kept an encoded log of her observations. Unfortunately her death was confirmed shortly before Karazhan was shut down. Koren, Karazhan’s blacksmith, was under our pay. Though not a member of the Violet Eye, he should be able to help us find Keanna’s log. Look for him inside.Completion

I know nothing of this Violet Eye you speak of. A blacksmith is all I am.


+250 reputation with The Violet Eye

Quest Help Notes

Quest: 9840

Just in case anyone is interested this quest can be soloed by a mage. Yes I know you have to go through the stables which are filled with elites, and yes I know that there are 5 more elite mobs within close proximity to him, but here’s how it can be done….

Buff yourself with Mana Shield, Fire Ward, and Invisibility in rapid succession. 20 seconds is just enough time to get through the stables to where he is standing (with about 3 sec to spare) then cast Frost Nova to freeze the mobs around him (while becoming visible, just hope your standing close enough to get them all but not within melee range of any of them). Some of them have a ranged fire attack, but that is what the Fire ward (which should have 5 sec left) and the mana shield are for. That should give you about 5-8 sec to talk to him before you die… more than enough time to complete the quest and get the next one… or even to buy something off him if you know where it is…

Don’t expect to be able to get it right on the first try, remember you have to memorize the position of all the mobs for when you frost nova them, It should only take you a few tries to do it.

… I said it was soloable, but definitely not worth it. My advice, find a group of friends and do it right.
I had a quest the other day that said “obtain 21” but was able to get it at 19. Sometimes the data is off a little.
If the quest REQUIRES level 70 to attain, why do they bother giving XP for it?

I would assume that they will give gold instead to those that complete the level 70 quests at level 70, but you know what happens when people assume…
Well, that just means that they will increase the lvl cap. Because you can’t even obtain the quest till your 70, and Kara attuned. :O
you also don’t need to be the lvl that it says you do, the lvl that it says is when the quest would be yellow to you. If you notice that quests that are red to you are generally 3 or 4 lvls above you, so if you finished the quest at lvl 69 you would get xp for the quest and you would also get credit for doing the quest as an orange lvl quest.
but this specific quest can not be done at 69 when its red to you because you have to be 70 to get the chain started. So no, you can not get XP for this quest until the x-pac and lvl cap is raised. If I am missunderstanding what you are saying, sorry
This may be a captain obvious reply, but they are giving xp because level 70 won’t always be the cap. Just like level 60 is no longer the cap.
lol sometimes you need to be captain obvious to get through to some players.
also at 70xp = cash

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