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Quest: Entry Into Karazhan

Level: 70 (Dungeon)
Attain: 68

Shadow Labyrinth
Starts in:
Shattrath City
25300 (15g 18s at 70)
Related Zones:
Shadow Labyrinth
Quest Chain:
  1. Arcane Disturbances
  2. Contact from Dalaran
  3. Khadgar
  4. Entry Into Karazhan
  5. The Second and Third Fragments
  6. The Master’s Touch
  7. Return to Khadgar
  8. The Violet Eye
  9. Assessing the Situation
  10. Keanna’s Log
  11. A Demonic Presence
  12. The New Directive


Khadgar wants you to enter the Shadow Labyrinth at Auchindoun and retrieve the First Key Fragment from an Arcane Container hidden there.

    First Key Fragment


I am deeply troubled by the news in this report, . Gaining entry into Karazhan will be difficult, however.

You see, when it became apparent that I was stranded here I split the key into three fragments.

I placed the keys inside enchanted containers, and in turn placed those in places that were safe at the time.

With the dark changes Outland has endured this no longer is the case. The first fragment is in a section of Auchindoun taken over by the Shadow Council. Return this fragment to me.ProgressHave you obtained the fragment, shaman? You would do well not to waste any time in this matter.CompletionYou’ve done well, . I wasn’t sure you would succeed.

The containers are enchanted with a potent spell that masks their presence from unworthy eyes. I’m glad to see they did not elude you.


+250 reputation with The Violet Eye

Quest Help Notes

Quest: 9831

As the Quest Info says, get a 5-man group together and run Shadow Labyrinth. One of you will need the SL key which drops from the last boss in Sethekk Halls to open the door, but only one of you.

The Key Fragment is in a chest behind the last boss, Murmur. After defeating Murmur using your choice of strategy, open the chest and a 70 Elite elemental will spawn. Kill him and loot the Fragment. Make sure everyone who wants the Fragment is alive BEFORE you loot, otherwise not everyone will be able to get it.

The spawning elemental isn’t hard; I (Warlock) and the tank 2-manned him.

To re-iterate, you need to do the WHOLE of Shadow Labyrinth to get the Key Fragment as one of the bosses before Murmur opens a door when you kill him.
Just to clarify. Most characters can’t fully attune until 70 because you have to fly to arcatraz for the third key fragment and ‘locs can’t summon at that particular instance for this reason. However, since droods get flight form at 68, we have a two lvl headstart on everyone else, you just need a good solid group to run you through the chain. So yes, you can start the shadow labs portion before 70, but unless you’re a drood, it won’t do you much good.
How do you get into the Shadow Labs? It keeps saying it is locked.
This is my first time trying to do this instance.
Because it is locked.Run Sethh Halls and get the key from the last boss to gain access to this instance or get a Rogue to open it for you.
ANYONE (stealthed or not, i did it as a mage) can hug the wall and grab the container containing the key, it is on the left side when you look at murmur (his right). It is located on the first ledge, behind a protuding wall, you can see it if you are in front of murmur. When opening the container a elemental will spawn. You can kite him back to the front of murmur and kill him with 2-3 people, without going out of his aggro range. The elemental has 20k hp and hits clothies for about 800-900 regularly.If you die the mob will return back to his container, the container will disappear, however the mob will not despawn. If you die for some reason or aggro murmur in the process. Just come back in and he will be waiting for you.

Blizzard also nerfed the amount of people that can loot the key at one time, you used to be able to switch out members for others to have a maximum of 2 groups (10 people) loot the key. It is now only possible as of the recent patch that only 5 maximum are allowed to loot it.

a lv70 elite spawns when you try to loot it, kill the elite and loot the key, so one of our group members looted this and then we wiped. came back and it was gone. had to start all over again. becareful not to let anybody loot this before everyone else can or you will get screwed.

Can this be stealthed to or is a gate opened by boss defeat?

Cant stealth to it,, just tried. 2nd boss opens a gate. However if ya get a crappy group that cant finish ya may be able to do it,, will find out tommorow.
You dont need to kill Murmur to get the key, if you keep very close to the wall you can pick up the key fragment without agroing the boss (at least if your lvl 70).
If you’ve cleared the instance, you can switch out players in your group to come in and collect the key fragment. You can keep doing this until 5 people have looted the fragment.
So for example, if a group of people who are already karazhan attuned do shadow labs, people who are on the quest can go in and get the fragment instead of having it wasted.

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