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Quest: Teron Gorefiend, I Am…

Level: 70
Attain: 69

Ancient Shadowmoon Spirit
Shadowmoon Valley
1 x Karsius the Ancient Watcher
Related Mobs:
Karsius the Ancient Watcher
Quest Chain:
  1. Chief Apothecary Hildagard
  2. A Haunted History
  3. Spectrecles
  4. Teron Gorefiend – Lore and Legend
  5. Teron Gorefiend, I am…


The Ancient Shadowmoon Spirit has used you as a pawn! Now that you have collected the items he required, he has revealed himself to be Teron Gorefiend. To break free of his possession, you must do his bidding and slay Karsius the Ancient Watcher.

If you succeed, return to Chief Apothecary Hildagard at Shadowmoon Village.

    Karsius the Ancient Watcher slain


With Gorefiend’s items restored, there is but one last piece to this puzzle: A host.

Surely you did not believe the fairy tale that I told you. The Altar of Shadows is my prison. Without your help, I would have been stuck here for all eternity. Now, I will take over your body and you will destroy my captors and break these bonds. Refuse and we will both be stuck here forever.

Teron Gorefiend will be free!


Evoker’s Helmet of Second Sight 2g 57s 65c

1 Stealther’s Helmet of Second Sight 3g 27s 81c

1 Druidic Helmet of Second Sight 3g 28s 97c

1 Stalker’s Helmet of Second Sight 3g 89s 22c

1 Shamanistic Helmet of Second Sight 3g 90s 62c

1 Overlord’s Helmet of Second Sight 4g 51s 61c

Quest Help Notes

Quest: 10639

I am a lvl 70 Lock.

The first time I was mounted and had my pet out so nothing worked. I abandoned the quest and still had to stand around until the silence ran out…5 minutes. What a PITA.

The 2nd go was simple. Follow the instructions above. Also, he doesn’t attack you, so you have time to check out your skill bar. Read what everything does before attacking and the fight will be simple and quick.

I couldn’t use my petbar to attack Karsius
I even tried right clicking to attack him manually and it wouldn’t let me

ah it appears it bugs if your mounted when u start this quest
If I am correctly informed, you’ll find the quest rewards by looking for the keywords “helmet of second sight”

Also, GREAT rewards for helms.

please anytone have the link to the helms?

If you use any barmods that hides the petbar (i.e. Trinty Buttons/Bars) you won’t be able to use any of the abilities as he shows up as a pet. Same if you have a pet out, it “bugs” because you can’t see his abilities to use them. Just make sure you dismiss pets if you have them and turn on the petbar if you have it hidden.

Warcloks and hunter won’t be able to do the quest with their pets out, pets must be dissmissed

Essentially, all you really have to do is turn on auto attack, and use every attack when it comes off of cooldown, extremely simple >_>
At first I did not understand this quest and I thought it was bugged. Here is how I completed it…

I spoke to the quest giver and was morphed in to Teron Gorefiend. Then, TURN AROUND (if you are facing the quest giver, you wont see who you are supposed to fight). I made the mistake of not turning around and for the longest, I was trying to attack the guy on the blue dragon.

Once you turn around, you will see him. Make sure to use your buff (the 1st of the 4 square skill boxes) and use your attack (ctrl-1). Dont use the lifestealing skill until you are just a bit OVER 50% health. It will fill about half your bar so you dont want to waste it when you have more then 50% health. If you wait until your health is 50% and you start using the lifestealing, you should just be able to sail through this guy using the regular attack, and also the other skills.

Hope this helps someone~!
The rewards for the quest line are: Second Sight pieces
What are the rewards?
coords perhaps?
The Apothecary asks you to kill Teron if you see him again, and the map does show him at other locations… does he wander around the whole zone?

make sure you hit the attack key and use the armor keep using the 2 other spells until hes dead.

Great we helped unleash another demon on the realm!
Might bug with the spellsteal if you have a modified interface bar…like I do have Bartender3 and I couldn’t see the spell…

Its supposed to be the second one in the actionbar u can steal 5000 hps from your target…
If you attempt and it doesn’t work you can keep the quest until one of your party mates succeed on it…so you’ll get the slain too…

Everybody has to try one shot at least ! So be patient !

If you tried and havent got it done cause you didnt find the spell…or you suck either… you can abandon it and take it back from him after !


have fun…quite easy

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