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Quest: Two Halves Become One



Janice Felstone
Janice Felstone
Western Plaguelands
800 ( 48s at 70)
Related Mobs:
Jabbering Ghoul
Quest Chain:
  1. Better Late Than Never
  2. Better Late Than Never
  3. The Jeremiah Blues
  4. Good Luck Charm
  5. Two Halves Become One


Locate the other half of the Good Luck Charm somewhere on the Felstone Farm in Western Plaguelands and reassemble it.

Give the Good Luck Charm to Janice Felstone on the Felstone Farm, Western Plaguelands.

    Good Luck Charm


The ramblings of the poor ghost continue:

“I’m so cold, John. Bring me your charm, and we’ll be together! Quickly John, before the plague comes to change us into hideous beasts! I can’t see you John… but I know you’re near. I feel you near me.”

Perhaps if the second half of the charm was found and reassembled, this would constitute what the spirit of Janice Felstone is seeking.ProgressJohn, don’t let the ghouls get you… don’t let the ghouls get me… nasty ghouls… our charm will keep us safe.CompletionYou hand the reassembled good luck charm to Janice Felstone’s ghost. As soon as she grasps it, you observe an almost immediate change in her. Her ethereal form shimmers, and she looks upon you with clear yet sad eyes.

“You’ve freed me… I no longer will need this charm. Please, take it and perhaps it will give you the solace it has given me.”Rewards

(1)Felstone Good Luck CharmFelstone Good Luck Charm71s 64c

Quest Help Notes

Quest: 5051

The second half of the of Charm is dropped from the Jabbering Ghoul (lvl 53)that wanders Felstone Field.
i saw the scarlets killing two skeletal flayers and a slavering ghoul. i then joined in and kicked the scarlets ass by then both ghouls where dead and the flayer was weak so i dominated him after lol 🙂
Spawns at 38,56…in the field. You can camp there, making sure you kill nearby mobs first. At that spot, the Crusaders won’t notice you.

The ghoul is scripted to spawn and then head for the house. Sometimes the Crusaders will attack him. If they are pre-occupied, he may catch you trying to get into or out of the house.

One technique to get into the house it to die close to one of the exterior walls. You can then rez on the 2d floor next to Janice without fear of being attacked. Then, of course…you may have to fight your way out. 🙂
as a 53 pally it was easy i just waited till he spawned and pulled him as fast as a could. After that it was pretty easy.

Got 7300xp

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